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Aerial Butterfly Net - telescoping
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    I have been collecting butterflies and other insects for over 30 years and this is the best aerial butterfly net I have ever used. The net collapses down to only 24 inches with the hoop detached. It is very portable and convenient because the entire unit fits easily into my backpack or motorcycle storage bag. It is made with a fine woven strong mesh netting that is easy to see through. This Aerial-Butterfly Net is ideal for the professional entomologist and nature hobbyist alike. ...

    3 Dram Plastic Vial (Snap on lid)
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      Compact Aspirator captures insects too small to be picked up with forceps, but small enough to fit in your pocket. Intake and exhaust tubes are copper with a ΒΌ" silicone mouthpiece. Great tool for collecting small or delicate insects.

      Field Pocket Microscope
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                                small - fits into pocket 60X and 30X magnification Led light Black light 2 lenses This pocket sized Field Microscope is ideal for identifying insects quickly in the lab or in the field. The 30X and 60X magnification settings along with the LED lighting allows the viewer to easily and clearly see details like antennae and tarsal segments. ...

        Forceps, spade-tip butterfly
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                                  Stainless steel 4.25 inches long grip texture spade-tip heavy duty Butterfly forceps are for handing non-pinned winged insects. Th straight, flat spade-tip distributes less stress on the fragile wing surface.

          Insect Collecting Jar
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                                    1PET plastic 12oz Works good with ethyl acetate shatter-resistant and lightweight PET plastic collecting jar series suitable for many insect collectors. Traditional glass collecting jars are heavy and fragile. These collecting jars are clear, shatter-resistant, and lightweight. They are recommended for those planning collecting trips or youngsters. ...

            Insect Killing Jar Fluid
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              Insect relaxing syringe
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                                        1cc includes needle safety cap Relaxing syringe is useful if you need to quickly relax a butterfly or beetle. Visit bugmanpaul at our YouTube channel to learn how to use a relaxing syringe to relax an insect.

                Student insect net butterfly net, insect net, insect collecting
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                                          12 inch tube aluminum hoop 24 inch aluminum grip handle 30 inch net depth Made of high grade aluminum Heavy netting material Made of sturdy high grade aluminum and exceptionally strong netting material, this net is ideal for sweeping through tall weeds and thick brush. The handle is the hoop is 12 inches wide. The handle is 24 inches long. The depth of the net is a full 30 inches! I use many types of nets. This is by far...