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  • 12 Orders
  • 30 Families
  • 30 Different species
  • 50 Insect pins
  • Appendage relaxing fluid
  • Order Labels and sticker
  • Mailer box converts to insect display case
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    C: 30 INSECTS- 12 Orders 30 Families 30 species
    (Actual insects may vary, the picture is for demonstrative purposes only.)

    This collection of dried insect specimens represents 12 different orders, 30 families and 30 separate species of insects common to most of the USA. Our Insects2Go package is great for the student who is not sure which insects they want. Each insect is packaged in its own specimen envelope with all of the information a student would need to construct a label for the specimen. Pins and insect relaxing fluid are also included as well as free instructional video stream.

    30 INSECTS- 12 Orders 30 Families 30 species
    Order Family Common name info.
    Blattodea Ectobiidae Cockroach
    ColeopteraCantharidaeSoldier Beetle
    Coleoptera Cerambycidae Longhorn Beetle
    Chrysomelidae Dogbane Beetle
    Coccinellidae Lady Beetle
    Elateridae Click Beetle
    Scarabaeidae Green June Beetle
    Dermaptera Forficulidae Earwig
    Diptera Asilidae Robber Fly
    Ephemeroptera* Ephemeridae Mayfly in 3 dram vial of ethanol
    Hemiptera Belostomatidae Giant Water Bug

    Coreidae Leaf-footed Bug
    Corixidae Water Boatman
    Cydnidae Burrowing Bug
    Stink Bug
    Hemiptera|Homoptera Cercopidae Spittlebug
    Cicadellidae Leafhopper
    Hymenoptera Apidae Large Carpenter Bee
    Formicidae Formicar Ant
    Ichneumonidae Ichneumon Wasp
    Vespidae Yellowjacket
    Lepidoptera** Attevidae Ailanthus Webworm Moth

    Monarch Butterfly
    Papilionidae Swallowtail Butterfly
    Pieridae Sulfur Butterfly
    Mecoptera Panorpidae Scorpionfly
    Odonata Libellulidae Dragonfly
    Siphonaptera Pulicidae Dog/Cat Flea
    Appendage relaxing fluid 2oz bottle
    insect mounting pins - pack of 50
    Forceps pinning
    Order labels and sticker

    Mailer box converts to insect display case

    12 x 9 x 3 inches with pinning surface

    Instructional Video