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School insect collections can add up to quite a challenging project. With so many different species of insects where do you look for insects for your insect collection? How do you collect the insects for your school insect project or 4H bug collection? The best and I think the most fun way is to collect insect specimens yourself. If you choose this route, then you are in for quite an educational experience. You can visit our website www.BugCollectors.com for help on what, how and where of insect collecting. If you are not into getting in the weeds and digging under logs and bark or if you have put off your school insect collection to the last minute, then purchasing your dead insect specimens is another good option. Purchasing insects from us is quick and easy and you still learn all that is important about insect collecting. We can even get your dried insect specimens to you with overnight shipping if necessary. We have the Fastest Shipping and great phone support.

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Yellow Mealworm Beetle
Price: $3.00
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Item #: Tenebrio molitor -

    Yellow-tipped Belvosia Fly
    Price: $3.00
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    Item #: Belvosia borealis -

      About this specimenThe Yellow-tipped Belvosia Fly, scientifically known as Belvosia borealis, belongs to the bristle fly family Tachinidae. This robust fly is approximately 3/4 inch (20 mm) long and is characterized by a black thorax, legs, and wings. A notable feature of this fly is its orange-tipped tarsi (the final segment of a limb in arthropods, such as insects). The fourth and fifth segments of its abdomen are gold-colored, separated by bands of black bristles. This coloration gives the...

      Zebra Longwing
      Price: $13.95
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      Item #: Heliconus charitonius -