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We can help with your school insect project

Many students have visited insects4sale.com for help with their School insect project. I am happy to help. We do not condone cheating of any kind so make sure it is permitted by your instructor to use specimens purchased online. Of course the more time I have to get the order to you the better. I realize that life does not always work out that way, so I also offer overnight delivery if the order is in by noon Monday through Thursday. The charge for overnight service is expensive and can be $65 to $100 or more. All insect orders if not overnight are shipped USPS Priority mail (2-3 days) I usually am able to place the order in the mail same day or next.

How to Order insects for your Project

FIRST OPTION- The quickest and easiest way to order is to choose one of our


insect collections. With Quick-pix you can choose between 12, 15, 30, or 50 insect specimens representing various families and orders. All of the quick-pix options include everything you need to complete your collection. Quick-pix are packaged and ready to mail at a moment’s notice. The best part is that you do not have to go through the process of picking and choosing the insects.

SECOND OPTION- Another way is to choose the insects individually from the selection of insects on the website. Starting at the

Dried Arthropod Specimens link in the horizontal navigation bar at the top of each page, links are organized alphabetically from Class through Order and Family to species and Common name. Click on the [BugGuide]*, to view what the specimen looked like in life as well as read up on facts about the specimen. To purchase, click on the [Add to Cart] icon, to place the specimen in your shopping cart.

**The easiest way for the etymologically challenged is to purchase Quick-pix. These dried insect specimens are pre-selected, boxed and ready to ship at a moments notice. On the top Navigation bar on any page just click on Full Collections!, select your option and click ------> [ADD to CART]

For Educators

To see educational displays that show the fascinating world of insects through timeless resin visit EveryThingInsects.Com. With durable acrylic displays containing real insects your students can learn about insect lifecycles, metamorphosis, mimicry, and cast structures and more.