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Brown recluse - by Me

Shipped quickly. Nice specimen in a little vial.

Good Experience! - by Demmeg
<p>The site is easy to navigate and the selection of "bugs" is quite good for an independent shop. I ordered some bees-- there was a good variety and my specimens look great! Thanks for including prep and pin instructions, I can't wait to put a display together.</p>
Nice Specimens Great Service - by Larry D
<p>I'm really impressed with my first order from Insect4Sale. My order was for individual insects and I was notified within a few hours that the order was complete and ready for shipping. My order was received the package in a couple days and found the packaging was very secure and everything arrived in top shape. I'm very pleased with the specimen's I received and the fast turnaround of the service. I also found the links in the emails very helpful.</p>

<p>Thanks Paul for the great service and products you provide.</p>


<p>A Happy Customer – Larry Davidson</p>
Very happy Customer - by MantisGirl
Super happy with my order of Mantis. They are all doing well and arrived healthy and ready to eat! Two have already molted and I am excited to see them grow. I would highly recommend shopping here. Better than many stores I have bought from.
Insect Collection Order - by Farhan
<p>I was looking to purchase a decent amount of insects- around 20 or so. I came upon this website and I was amazed at the large variety specimens available for purchase for such an amazing price! I received my order extremely quick and in amazing condition. Each insect was stored in either an envelope with plenty of room as to not squeeze the specimen or in sample bottles with organized labeling. I really appreciate the service I received as well. I had a question on the estimated shipping time on my order and Paul called me back explaining everything I needed to know as wel as additional information on the items I received. I look forward to ordering more samples in the future and can't be more happy with the price, service, and quality I was given!</p>

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A. Emerald from Eufaula, AL
Paul – I just wanted to say thank you so much for your returning my call and processing my order as quickly and neatly as you did – you did exactly what you stated you would do over the phone with me and I am extremely grateful for all of your helpJ I received my package this morning and now my son can complete his project and he will not receive 2 “F”s for this project. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Fred Z. from NC
I received my package today and was extremely pleased and impressed!!!! You definitely have a new faithful customer!!!

Beth L.. from AR
I am doing a bug collection for school. This is exactly what I needed for my kill jar. Instead of buying a recommended kit, I chose to get everything separately. It arrived on time and in perfect condition. I would purchase from this seller again.

Tony B. from TX
I purchased one of the Quick-pix a couple of weeks ago. I got everything put together and added some insects that I caught on my own. The teacher loved my collection and gave me an A. This was a great way to learn about insects and be able to turn in an awesome bug collection. I recommend this website to anyone.

Barbra S. from GA
My kid had this bug collection due in a week. Just like him to put it off till the last minute. I think bugs are icky so there was no way I was going to catch them. My kid doesn't want to touch them if they are alive.  I had the guy from insects4sale.com help me out. He recommended a list of bugs that were from arround here and we bought them. Worked out GREAT! He sent them overnight and told us just how to put everything together. I've got 2 more kiddoes going through this class over the next few years. You bet this bug place will hear from me again. Highly recommended!