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thank you - by colleen

i love my bumblebees! arrived intact. very cute

Excellent specimen - by Beachmom

We needed a centipede for my son’s science project. The specimen that was sent came in record time and was well preserved. Thank you very much!!

Insect4sale - by Tayl232

The insects came intact and with all the information we would need for my daughters collection.

Rev. - by RevEarl

I bought relaxing fluid and an aspirator, so I cannot comment on the collections, but I can attest to the ease of ordering and the prompt shipment of those items. I am pleased and send my thanks.

Quick Shipping - by fishingglass

I could not believe how fast my order shipped. I recieved it within a couple days. Products were well packaged and of great quality. Will definately purchase from again.

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A. Emerald from Eufaula, AL
Paul – I just wanted to say thank you so much for your returning my call and processing my order as quickly and neatly as you did – you did exactly what you stated you would do over the phone with me and I am extremely grateful for all of your helpJ I received my package this morning and now my son can complete his project and he will not receive 2 “F”s for this project. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Fred Z. from NC
I received my package today and was extremely pleased and impressed!!!! You definitely have a new faithful customer!!!

Beth L.. from AR
I am doing a bug collection for school. This is exactly what I needed for my kill jar. Instead of buying a recommended kit, I chose to get everything separately. It arrived on time and in perfect condition. I would purchase from this seller again.

Tony B. from TX
I purchased one of the Quick-pix a couple of weeks ago. I got everything put together and added some insects that I caught on my own. The teacher loved my collection and gave me an A. This was a great way to learn about insects and be able to turn in an awesome bug collection. I recommend this website to anyone.

Barbra S. from GA
My kid had this bug collection due in a week. Just like him to put it off till the last minute. I think bugs are icky so there was no way I was going to catch them. My kid doesn't want to touch them if they are alive.  I had the guy from insects4sale.com help me out. He recommended a list of bugs that were from arround here and we bought them. Worked out GREAT! He sent them overnight and told us just how to put everything together. I've got 2 more kiddoes going through this class over the next few years. You bet this bug place will hear from me again. Highly recommended!