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  • Odontotaenius disjunctus
  • size 25mm - 35mm
  • This is a single dead specimen for insect collections.
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    Betsy Beetles are a large beetle that looks great in a school insect collection. The Betsy Beetle also go by the names Bess Beetle, Bess Bug, Betsy Beetle or Bug, Patent Leather Beetle and Peg Beetle depending on the area of the country they are collected. They feed on fungi found in rotting wood. They are easily collected by tearing into a rotting log in the woodlands. Where one is present there are usually many. 

    Collecting a Betsy Beetle for your pinned insect collection can be an exciting endeavor, especially if you're interested in expanding your collection with unique insects. Here's how you can locate and collect a Betsy Beetle for your collection:

    1. Where to Find Betsy Beetles

    Betsy Beetles, also known by their scientific name Odontotaenius disjunctus, are predominantly found in North America. Here's where you're likely to spot them:

    • Decaying Wood: Betsy Beetles have a preference for rotting logs and stumps, where they thrive by feeding on the decaying wood.
    • Forested Areas: Their natural habitat is the woods. When searching for them, target wooded areas with an abundance of fallen logs and stumps.
    • Moist Environments: They prefer moist environments. After rainfall or in areas with high humidity, you might have a higher chance of spotting them.

    2. Collecting Betsy Beetles

    Once you're in the right location, follow these steps to collect them:

    • Search Gently: Slowly break apart or probe rotting wood. Be gentle to ensure that you don't harm the beetle or its habitat. I use a screw driver or chiseled to break away rotting wood from logs to expose the hidden beetles 
    • Use Forceps: If you spot a Betsy Beetle, use forceps or tweezers to gently pick it up. Avoid squeezing or handling the beetle with bare hands to minimize stress and prevent injury. Betsy Beetles do not have a painful bite so you can pick them up by hand as well.
    • Insect Collecting Jar: Place the beetle in your Charged Insect Killing Jar or Collecting Jar