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    About this specimen

    The Yellow-tipped Belvosia Fly, scientifically known as Belvosia borealis, belongs to the bristle fly family Tachinidae. This robust fly is approximately 3/4 inch (20 mm) long and is characterized by a black thorax, legs, and wings. A notable feature of this fly is its orange-tipped tarsi (the final segment of a limb in arthropods, such as insects). The fourth and fifth segments of its abdomen are gold-colored, separated by bands of black bristles. This coloration gives the fly its common name, as it appears to have yellow-tipped segments on its abdomen​​.(1)

    Belvosia borealis is a parasitoid, specifically targeting moths from the Ceratomia genus. As a parasitoid, it plays a role in controlling the populations of its host species. The fly is found across North America, including both Canada and the United States​​​​.(2), (3)

    In terms of habitat, Belvosia borealis is typically found in wildlife habitats that have a variety of native plants. This environment provides them with the necessary resources for their survival and reproduction​​.(4)


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